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Vending Management Systems

The Vending Management System provides complete control of inventory and cash.

  • Sales and product movement are tracked for every machine service.
  • Detailed inventories are maintained for every machine, route truck and warehouse, including historical information on sales, purchasing, and product usage.
  • Comprehensive commission and sales tax calculations are provided when you need them.
  • The system's extensive reporting capabilities provide accountability and profitability profiles for all your employees, locations, and machines.

You also receive information on route service efficiency and productivity, product merchandising, product pricing and tracking of product sale and damages (stales).

Route Services

Set up schedules, print route cards, and record the cash sales and product fills/damages/removals for each machine service.

To further automate your system, add RouteMaster handheld computers to eliminate handwritten record keeping and keypunching, and also to record all inventory transactions, either for product categories or for specific items.

Inventory Control

Record every purchase as it is received into your warehouse, including cost and vendor information; then follow each product as it is issued to an employee's truck/storeroom inventory and later put into a machine.

Inventory management can be further streamlined with the addition of WarehouseMaster handheld computers equipped with barcode scanners for optimum accuracy and simplicity.

For maximum control of the products you receive into inventory, you can use PurchaseMaster to create and track purchase orders, and to gather and organize data for your Accounts Payable software.

Cash Control

The cash collected from each machine is compared to product sales and to meter readings to calculate over/short values. CashMaster coin-counter interface programs are available for all popular coin sorters, automating the process of merging the money counted for each machine with the appropriate service information.

For even greater security and accuracy, you can use CompuVend's DEX/UCS Interface to collect information from your DEX/UCS equipped machines, tracking every coin and bill put into them.

Asset Management

Purchase price, depreciation, and movement between locations are tracked for each of your vending machines. Serial numbers, asset numbers, or any other identifiers can also be tracked. For additional control of your machines and other assets, use the ServiceMaster equipment and truck maintenance system to dispatch and track maintenance history, schedule preventative maintenance, and track parts inventory.


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