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With RouteMaster, route drivers use handheld computers to record data effortlessly as they service machines.

  • Keypunching is eliminated, ensuring that all your route sales data is accurate as well as timely.
  • The handheld unit displays the day's scheduled machine services in order, showing each product in a machine; the driver simply enters the quantity of the product put into and/or taken out of the machine.
  • RouteMaster monitors all information as it is recorded, letting drivers know when they make a mistake.
  • RouteMaster reduces cash shortages and stales.
  • RouteMaster also tracks truck/storeroom inventory levels, providing immediate reports of over/shorts and reorder quantities.
  • You can check a driver's performance at any time - while out on the route or immediately upon returning. RouteMaster also provides information on the route's productivity at the end of every day.
  • Management receives unparalleled item and category level sales reports because RouteMaster can track products by specific item as well as by generic category. This increased detail gives the company greater inventory control and cash accountability, along with detailed marketing information you can use to increase sales and improve customer relations.
  • RouteMaster's optional barcode reading capability can optimize speed and accuracy when issuing products and counting truck inventory.
  • RouteMaster is capable of reading DEX/UCS-equipped machines to automate and provide more control of cash and products. Reduce service time and eliminate mistakes.
  • RouteMaster helps improve customer relations by showing you which specific items are selling and which are not at every machine and location.


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