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Office Coffee Service (OCS)

CompuVend's Office Coffee Service (OCS) Distribution System provides the tools you need to:

  • Generate orders and invoices.
  • Control your warehouse and truck inventory.
  • Manage accounts receivable.
  • Track the profitability of your coffee service customers.
  • Create and maintain route schedules.
  • Automatically bill for rental and other recurring charges.
  • Handle both route-sales and pre-sell operations.
  • Provide extremely flexible pricing schemes.
  • Track equipment and other assets.

CoffeeMaster, soon to be released, adds handheld computer technology to the OCS and distribution industries. Drivers can generate orders, invoices and statements immediately, right at each customer's site, record collections, and track inventory. Product and cash reconciliations can also be made instantly at any time.

Orders can be created by scanning barcodes, by entering product codes, by using standard order templates for each customer, or by any combination of the above. Drivers can also use CoffeeMaster to follow a route schedule, and managers can get reporting of a driver's productivity and efficiency.


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