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Machine Moves (and Placements) when Using RouteMaster in version 6.x


  1. Perform a final collect.
    When using RouteMaster, all product movement must go through handheld in order to properly account for inventory. Before going to the Move a Machine function you will perform the final collect on RouteMaster handheld for previous location prior to moving. Be sure to enter all of the following.

    1. Collect Cash
    2. Remove all remaining product
    3. Change ending inventory to Zero.

      The service will need to be uploaded and processed as normally

  2. Move (Place) the Machine to the new Location
    After final collect is posted go to Move A Machine, you are required to enter the machine code, the old location code and the new location code. You may make any changes needed to the first two pages of the machine file. You will need to say NO to all three of the questions regarding inventory movement and product change as you are prompted.

  3. Add Machine to Route Schedule.
    This can be done in Move a Machine when prompted or later through Route File Maintenance. Export and download to handheld.

  4. Fill at new Location.
    It is imperative that the first service is a FILL service. On the handheld, enter the initial FILL service for the machine. This will take product from the truck inventory and transfer it to the machine. It will also insure that the first COLLECT performed will have an accurate over/short calculation. If the route driver is not physically performing this fill, it can be entered as an add-on at the end of his day. Facilitate this action by having the person who physically fills the machine, complete a form that details the products and quantity filled. This could then be left for the route driver to enter on his handheld.

  5. Issue Product to driver.
    If the inventory for the initial fill does not come off the route drivers truck this product will need to be issued to the employee to properly account for inventory movement. Whether the route drivers enter their own issues on the handheld or they are entered on the WarehouseMaster and transferred to the RouteMaster, or entered manually on the host these transactions need to be entered prior to entering next employee inventory to be included in the totals. In other words, the products can be entered as issues anytime up until posting the next inventory.

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