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Commissary Control System

The Commissary Control System can help you manage your kitchen operations with greater productivity and tighter inventory control. This package helps you:

  • Handle orders and billing.
  • Receive information about the production quantity needed for each product and the ingredients required, based on its recipe.
  • Produce information showing the amount of each ingredient needed for day's production.
  • Manage a four-week cycle menu.
  • Create packout slips
  • Track all of your products - both the ingredients you purchase and the finished goods you produce in the commissary - allowing you to monitor any inventory shrinkage.
  • Maintain current cost values for your finished products based upon the cost of ingredients, and use this data to generate profit margin information.
  • Predict the quantities of food you should prepare on any given day, based upon past sales records.
  • Provide a history of sales by product and by customer or machine.
  • Generate customized recipes each day that show the exact quantity of each ingredient you need to fill your current volume of orders for every dish on your menu
  • Operators who produce food products for sale through vending machines can automatically import commissary products orders for their vending routes directly into driver inventory in the Vending Management System.


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